Management Asbestos Surveys

A management asbestos survey is used when a building is currently occupied and is necessary to establish the presence of asbestos in line with the guidance of HSG 264.

A management asbestos survey locates, as far as you can practically expect, asbestos within the building without causing any permanent damage to the structure or finishes. Small representative samples are taken to establish whether asbestos is present. These samples are then analysed to confirm the presence of asbestos and its type.

The results of the asbestos survey allow for the creation of an accurate Management Plan to manage the asbestos within any given building.

Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Surveys

Safe and controlled methods to locate the substance and for this type of survey utility services, including electricity, gas and water, will need to be isolated and the building will also need to be vacated.

DMC Survey Services utilise professional, safe and tried and tested methods to complete your surveys. We carry out both management and refurbishment/demolition surveys. We provide the peace of mind you need when you realise an asbestos survey is necessary and are dedicated to quick response times in line with our clients. needs.

We carry out asbestos surveys across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and mainland UK and recognise the importance of prompt service. All our surveys are issued quickly and efficiently to ensure your liability and risk is kept to a minimum.

If you want more information about our services or about the different types of asbestos survey we can help with, simply get in contact with us.